Summer is here / The Art of Optimism

Taken yesterday. Ha ha ha. No. I’m convinced summer is here, which is the only reason why I feel I can post this photo of the snow from last year that carpeted the country, but especially the Borders region of Scotland. Does 80eight do landscapes? Not as a business no. There’s many better people who always seem to know the best places to go and at the right times. Which invariably means the golden five minutes at either end of the day. I must admit though, if I see another photographers website proclaiming they ‘paint with light’ I will scream and force myself to eat a bag of sugar. Light can be golden and it’s great, but lets turn that around. How about moonlight, especially cold bluey light and relatively flat contrast and lighting. All the things that are supposed to make a photograph ‘bad’. ‘Baaaaddd’. There are many photo forums where if you don’t follow the rule of thirds, or think Ansel Adams was the messiah, you will be hung drawn and quartered. So here we are – flat light, the moon slap bang in the middle and I don’t know about you, but this conveys a certain cold dark beauty to me. And that’s what makes it a good landscape. Yeah I know….The foreground and background follows the rule of thirds…I’ll be more rebellious next time. But hey! I was cold. Weather update : 5 degree’s outside! We’re on our way!


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