Seeing someone else light up in flames when you give them a match to hold

More inspiration from Alex Koloskov. Mr Koloskov is, it has to be said is a bit good. He also has more hair than me, which is annoying at the best of times. But crucially, I reckon I’ve got the better fish tank, which of course in the pantheon of testosterone fuelled photographic rivalry, is what really matters – that last statement is of course ironic. Is it oxymoronic to point out the ironic in the same sentence? I’m not sure, but I think my analyst will know. Alex is a proper good guy. I mentioned before he shares his stuff, his technique and his passion for getting the right shot. There are so many pro photographers who jealously guard their little techniques and belittle the ‘newbies’ who dare to enter the profession. What is photography though? Is it the eye? Or is it the technique? What makes Alex light a walking boot with seven different lights and coloured gels? Has he read it in a book or does he have an absolute perfect vision and utter clarity of what it is he see’s in his minds eye? Check his site out and I think you will know the answer. As for me, I don’t mind admitting that lighting products is an area where I need to copy to understand, then adapt to make it my own. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. So this shot is a copy yes – but my fish tank is bigger than Alex’s, which is what counts.

As an addendum to this, it was Alex who made me think I should do the same with my meagre skills. So, if you’re in the area, like snapping and think I could help you with something / Or lend you some some milk / Or just want to hang out and talk about loud music and flash photography then just call. Just like Skye Jefferson did – a local photographer, who has the burn in her to make it. And she will because she can’t stop herself. Sharing what you know is ‘not giving away secrets’ it’s about sharing a passion and seeing someone else light up in flames when you give them a match to hold.


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