The sheer joy of a Tilt-Shift Lens

Oh, the sheer joy of twiddling about with little knobs, mysterious angles and the heavy metal pleasure of a Canon Tilt-Shift L Lens. You can’t beat it really. Am I gushing? Oh yes. I would take this lens as my luxury item on Desert Island Discs, along with the collected works of Van Der Graaf Generator and Gabriel Garcia-Marquez. And no, Kirsty – I would never want to be rescued thanks. Everyone has probably seen the fake model effects that a tilt-shift lens can achieve, but here’s a not too obvious shot. The plane of focus is following the path and I think it creates a strangely fairytale feeling and a sense of enclosure almost. The colours are as-is and demonstrate the other glorious thing about this lens – it’s amazing contrast and colour rendition. It seems to cut through the air, removing all impurities and delivers something compelling and magical. Thing is I hardly use it. So my mission this year is to stick it on my 5DII and leave it there for a month and do all our customer shots on it. Er. Perhaps!


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