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Tasha Blackmore / Nothing Compares / Vegas Demo

And so we wake. Yawning from the slumber of Ichabod Crane, in other words…Blog re-booted and you won’t believe the stuff in store. As a sweet taster, here’s Tasha Blackmore and a demo of ‘Nothing Compares’ written, performed and filmed in a Vegas hotel room in around, er, 12 hours.



<a href=”https://vimeo.com/117116474″></a>%5D

Ordinaryson : A shot at paradise

Well, I go to work eleven hours a day. I meet my train friends and we eat soup together and mock the grey race. And then, ‘paradise’ and Ordinaryson takes us away to somewhere else. Moments. They tick, un-noticed. Like the dawn chorus and a golden light through the windows on a wintry day. They make this life, good. Give them a listen…Links here:



Sigh…this time last week…

Ah, Croatia, sunsets and boaty things with two hulls….Cavtat / Croatia : You’re luvverly…..


Behind the screen

And coming soon, “Climbing a landslide” with Jason Kyrone.


Daring to step out of the comfort zone…

..Can take some considerable bottle. Especially when that step is one that plays with image and (stereo)type. Good then, that Jason Kyrone had no qualms or inhibitions. This photo is in the tradition of many a rock photo, edgy, playing with image and twisting it a little. More to come from Mr.Kyrone in the next post. And I love my £50 Canon 50mm 1.8! Lit with a 50W bulb!




Here be pixies

Well, we’ve been here before but if any location is the personification of the word ‘Verdant’ then this is it. Roughting Linn Waterfall in Northumbria.

If I wasn’t:

A) Vegetarian

B) Living in the 21st Century

C) Scared of peyote cactus and other shamanistic shenanigans

I would have gone back to my pagan roots, donned a cloak of twigs and whirled in the way that dervishes do whilst worshipping the root and branch. Instead, I whipped out the Canon 5D, slapped a jet black ND16 filter on it and took this shot. A beautiful place, quiet and affecting.



Undiscovered Talent / Here’s one @JasonKyrone

Missed opportunities are the worst things in hindsight – when kicking yourself is an excuse for lack of boldness. JK should not be missed.





Bedu Policeman / Wadi Mousa / 2008

Desert eyes. That parched, merciless light burnt  into the retina. In the eye, encapsulated, the sun’s bleached heat. This is a Bedu policeman, patrolling the sandstone steps up to the monastery in Petra.



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