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Electric Penelope @ The Maltings 21st August 2015

We don’t get out much these days. The lure of the thermos flask, an egg sandwich and a folding deckchair at the side of the A1, are pleasures much sought after. But y’know we’re grateful.

And very grateful to have seen the lovely Electric Penelope + Steinway piano at The Maltings last night. Bloomin’ ‘eck, she wiz gud (trying some local patois there).

Here’s a shot.



Berwick-upon Tweed // From the air

Here’s a little aerial and fake model shot of the lovely town of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Snapped during my first try out of the DJI Phantom 3 Drone (which is fab). Shot taken in DNG and fiddled with in Lightroom. Being able to do this kinda stuff is getting me ever so excited. Plus I never had a RC plane when I was kid – just wind-up train sets.



Blue:: The Warehouse Announcement – New Video

The Warehouse Announcement are possibly the finest, unsigned, never heard of band in the NE of England. I’m biased, ‘cos I love ’em. Their music has got me through sh*te days at work, wet weather and the threat of incipient madness. All you need is five minutes in their presence and something interesting happens. Something usually gets broken, someone (everyone) is usually howling drunk and tall objects are randomly jumped off.

It’s rock. With tunes, lyrics and attitude. This is ‘Blue’…For all those office workers out there, dreaming of something else.



Re: Previous post; and anyway…

…I just got one of these guys 🙂

and you find a video review of my thoughts here: MT-01 Review

Yamaha MT-01

Suzuki Bandit 1250 / Bye-Bye


Now: I’ve never anthropomorphised a machine in my life. And I’m not about to start now.These things are milled, forged, pressed and constructed out of materials. Anyone who calls a machine ‘He’ or ‘She’ probably needs to w**k more. Anyway. It’s farewell to my Bandit 1250 this week. 60,000 miles, no breakdowns, lots of punctures, heaps of speed and fun. In many ways it’s a mundane, utilitarian machine but deserves admiration for the basic, reliable engineering that’s gone into it. Plus the fuel injection is just luvverly. When I bought it, I was cash strapped and needed a bike to do…Everything…From 600 miles/week commuting, to hooning around at the weekend and 5000 mile tours of Europe. It did all of them and never attracted any attention from either the Dibble or undesirables with staffordshire terriers and a Red Bull dependency. Great bike. Recommended.

Am I sad to see it go? Not really. It’s only a bike after all. Although…I always felt it went better after a polish 🙂

Tasha Blackmore / Nothing Compares / Vegas Demo

And so we wake. Yawning from the slumber of Ichabod Crane, in other words…Blog re-booted and you won’t believe the stuff in store. As a sweet taster, here’s Tasha Blackmore and a demo of ‘Nothing Compares’ written, performed and filmed in a Vegas hotel room in around, er, 12 hours.



<a href=”https://vimeo.com/117116474″></a>%5D

Ordinaryson : A shot at paradise

Well, I go to work eleven hours a day. I meet my train friends and we eat soup together and mock the grey race. And then, ‘paradise’ and Ordinaryson takes us away to somewhere else. Moments. They tick, un-noticed. Like the dawn chorus and a golden light through the windows on a wintry day. They make this life, good. Give them a listen…Links here:



Sigh…this time last week…

Ah, Croatia, sunsets and boaty things with two hulls….Cavtat / Croatia : You’re luvverly…..


Behind the screen

And coming soon, “Climbing a landslide” with Jason Kyrone.


Daring to step out of the comfort zone…

..Can take some considerable bottle. Especially when that step is one that plays with image and (stereo)type. Good then, that Jason Kyrone had no qualms or inhibitions. This photo is in the tradition of many a rock photo, edgy, playing with image and twisting it a little. More to come from Mr.Kyrone in the next post. And I love my ÂŁ50 Canon 50mm 1.8! Lit with a 50W bulb!