The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot

One of our favourite local bands ‘The Warehouse Announcement’ from Berwick-upon-Tweed are at the moment undergoing a 2013 re-boot after a year or so off. We’ve been to many a TWA gig over the last few years and it’s probably fair to say all have been rather fabulous and without fail, something mad usually happens. Whether it be Paul Sinclair, running after the East Coast Express (Spittal-Fest), Scott Courtney doing a rather epic speaker dive (Album Launch), general mayhem outside the venue (Red Lion/Any), playing to an audience of resurrected Grateful Dead fans (Gifford-Fest) or managing to completely empty a venue that only seconds before had 200 people in it (Chainbridge Honey Farm)…It’s all good fun. There are some new photos to come but in the meantime here we have in some ways, the quietest, yet loudest member of the band – a man who stays slightly aloof of the more obvious mayhem and lunacy, but then delivers incredible guitar solos and riffs that make your head and heart jump. It’s Mr. Michael Goldsworthy.




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