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Blue:: The Warehouse Announcement – New Video

The Warehouse Announcement are possibly the finest, unsigned, never heard of band in the NE of England. I’m biased, ‘cos I love ’em. Their music has got me through sh*te days at work, wet weather and the threat of incipient madness. All you need is five minutes in their presence and something interesting happens. Something usually gets broken, someone (everyone) is usually howling drunk and tall objects are randomly jumped off.

It’s rock. With tunes, lyrics and attitude. This is ‘Blue’…For all those office workers out there, dreaming of something else.




TWA back in the groove / @thewareannounce

It’s been a long time without The Warehouse Announcement. Things have gotten a little quiet. The stage diving has stopped, incidents of electrocution via beer soaked guitars have markedly declined and funked-up dirty rock riffs and grooves have been few and far between. Still, all that’s changed now, because, yes, The Warehouse Announcement are back with a load of new songs. Rumours that they had gone calypso are misplaced. So forget about the return of Daft Punk, get yer ears around a bit of TWA : Gigging soon! And here they are – one shot from a sneaky little photoshoot a few days ago.


The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot / Take 2

..And here’s the rest of TWA. Pictured here enjoying some Warehouse Beer on the sandy beech at Spittal. Notice clothing and slightly pained smiles. It was March and chuffing freezing. Still, as with anything involving The Warehouse Announcement, it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll innit?


The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot

One of our favourite local bands ‘The Warehouse Announcement’ from Berwick-upon-Tweed are at the moment undergoing a 2013 re-boot after a year or so off. We’ve been to many a TWA gig over the last few years and it’s probably fair to say all have been rather fabulous and without fail, something mad usually happens. Whether it be Paul Sinclair, running after the East Coast Express (Spittal-Fest), Scott Courtney doing a rather epic speaker dive (Album Launch), general mayhem outside the venue (Red Lion/Any), playing to an audience of resurrected Grateful Dead fans (Gifford-Fest) or managing to completely empty a venue that only seconds before had 200 people in it (Chainbridge Honey Farm)…It’s all good fun. There are some new photos to come but in the meantime here we have in some ways, the quietest, yet loudest member of the band – a man who stays slightly aloof of the more obvious mayhem and lunacy, but then delivers incredible guitar solos and riffs that make your head and heart jump. It’s Mr. Michael Goldsworthy.



New acoustic video from Paul Sinclair : Abandon Ship

Now this is a man who usually bellows his heart out whilst on-stage with “The Warehouse Announcement”. Here’s his later-ego though, with a sweet, sensitive and gentle song laced with a little nostalgia, pathos and beauty. This is Paul Sinclair and “Abandon Ship”, recorded live and un-plugged in the secret 80:8 recording pod last week. Another two great songs coming shortly.

F1.8 : 1/30 : 6400 ISO : 1000db – Yes, it’s TWA at The Barrels.

It’s good to have them back. Old favourites have been extended sideways, new ones have gained a polish of greatness. And yes they rocked. Every member of the band is worth watching and worth adjusting your internal EQ to listen to as individual players. But then, when you re-calibrate and check them out as a unit…It’s mind-blowing. Kinda tight, but not prescriptively so, very well rehearsed but not at the expense of spontaneity. Great riffs, but with funk and melody. So, if you’re having a bad day at work, playlist ‘Pick up the Pieces’ stick ‘Pi**in Fire’ on full blast and realise that yes, life is worth living.

And yes, The Barrels is the darkest venue this side of an eclipse…But I love it. Had a pint of ‘Warlord’ tonight : Delicious!


TWA: Gig of the week, sorry of 2012*

It’s been a while. Quite a few months actually. But The Warehouse Announcement are back. And it’s their three year anniversary – so this Friday (20/04) @ The Barrels in Berwick-upon-Tweed is guaranteed to be an explosion of pent-up energy, great sounds and quite possibly the splitting of the rock atom. No, really, it’s going to be that good.

* So far

One from last night…

..and here’s Paul Sinclair, looking a bit Dave Grohl-esque. Not that I’m going to tell him that of course.

Paul Sinclair

And not only that, Paul Sinclair is making an appearance….

The fearsome rock god that is Paul Sinclair (vocalist with The Warehouse Announcement) will be supporting Where’s George tonight in a special one-off solo appearance. Normally to be found hanging from beams and climbing on speaker stacks, ANYTHING could happen tonight. Can’t wait.

Adolescent Remedies + Be careful with that guitar

Paul / TWA

So, we’re just in the middle of doing a little promo DVD for those shy and retiring fellows in The Warehouse Announcement. One of the elements of which is a little slideshow set to ‘Adolescent Remedies’, which is one of the fab tracks from the bands ‘Pick up the Pieces’ album. Anyway, this wasn’t originally destined for the digital cornucopia of YouTube but it turned out quite nice, so here it is:

Also, demon bass player Steven Walker is currently on holiday and foolishly left his guitar in the hands of his band mates. Being trustworthy types, they’re taking very good care of it: