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Daring to step out of the comfort zone…

..Can take some considerable bottle. Especially when that step is one that plays with image and (stereo)type. Good then, that Jason Kyrone had no qualms or inhibitions. This photo is in the tradition of many a rock photo, edgy, playing with image and twisting it a little. More to come from Mr.Kyrone in the next post. And I love my £50 Canon 50mm 1.8! Lit with a 50W bulb!





Sleepy Borders? Nothing Happening? Depends where you look.

Tasha Blackmore :https://www.facebook.com/tashaleoneblackmore


TWA back in the groove / @thewareannounce

It’s been a long time without The Warehouse Announcement. Things have gotten a little quiet. The stage diving has stopped, incidents of electrocution via beer soaked guitars have markedly declined and funked-up dirty rock riffs and grooves have been few and far between. Still, all that’s changed now, because, yes, The Warehouse Announcement are back with a load of new songs. Rumours that they had gone calypso are misplaced. So forget about the return of Daft Punk, get yer ears around a bit of TWA : Gigging soon! And here they are – one shot from a sneaky little photoshoot a few days ago.


The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot

One of our favourite local bands ‘The Warehouse Announcement’ from Berwick-upon-Tweed are at the moment undergoing a 2013 re-boot after a year or so off. We’ve been to many a TWA gig over the last few years and it’s probably fair to say all have been rather fabulous and without fail, something mad usually happens. Whether it be Paul Sinclair, running after the East Coast Express (Spittal-Fest), Scott Courtney doing a rather epic speaker dive (Album Launch), general mayhem outside the venue (Red Lion/Any), playing to an audience of resurrected Grateful Dead fans (Gifford-Fest) or managing to completely empty a venue that only seconds before had 200 people in it (Chainbridge Honey Farm)…It’s all good fun. There are some new photos to come but in the meantime here we have in some ways, the quietest, yet loudest member of the band – a man who stays slightly aloof of the more obvious mayhem and lunacy, but then delivers incredible guitar solos and riffs that make your head and heart jump. It’s Mr. Michael Goldsworthy.



First shoot of 2013 : Tasha

And here’s the first photo-shoot of 2013 with Tasha Blackmore. Aside from being a fabulous singer-songwriter, Tasha also models in her spare time which allows her to fund her recording sessions and to enable her to keep on releasing great new music. Her latest single ‘Permanent Memory’ can be found here, while her modelling portfolio is here:

If theres any justice in the world, she’s gonna make it big in 2013.



Great new song from Matt Wilson

Mr Wilson has been a little quiet recently. But that’s no bad thing when seeds such as this germinate into something really quite gorgeous. Have a listen to this:http://soundcloud.com/mattwilsonmusic/i-cant-do-this-anymore

And here’s a photo of Matt taken earlier this year.

Latest Band Promo Shoot : Lost In Audio

The newly expanded Lost In Audio came down to visit the 80:8 media pod last week with the aim being to get a poster shot for their up and coming gig at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh. Before that though, they managed to empty a previously full fridge and leave just crumbs in their wake. The capacity of musicians to scoff food is just staggering. So, fed and watered we took them down to the waters edge. And got this. The band like it, I like it. Job done. Then back to the pod for more food 🙂

Oh and the gig is the 21st September!

Band photography: Young, skinny, good hair, attitude / Take 1

God, I remember when I had all of those. So, anyway, normal service is now resumed and here’s a young band all the way from Dunfermline – ‘Missing Myla’. In a half hour impromptu photo-shoot while the guys were doing an interview at Generate Radio we got some pretty nice shots. Here’s the first one and this is Danny looking pretty cool. That’s one thing I never was. And as a bit of plug, this is what we do. Get great photos of bands who have been used to iPhone photo’s and who, no matter where they are in their career deserve something professional. There’s no excuse for anything less.


Fran and her gold coat

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a young lady in a gold coat, and for whatever reason, didn’t show her face. Now, as a photographer that’s a pretty poor show really…I mean my mum used to cut off peoples heads in photo’s, my dad would have everyone leaning at an angle of 32 degrees….Anyway, to make up for that, here’s Fran actually looking at the camera. Even better there isn’t a tree growing out of her head.

Jason Kyrone / New Photos, video and music

Headed over to Leith this morning to meet up with Jason Kyrone – the aim being to check out locations for a new video that we’re planning for ‘Little Black Book‘. I was late, but then so was Jason. As I scanned the crowds looking for him I saw a bright multi-coloured spec in the distance, which of course turned out to be him – check the photo out! No fancy lights for this one, just natural light and a bit of cross processing in Lightroom. As for the video, we found loads of great places to choose from and filming begins next week.

In the meantime, in best Blue Peter fashion it’s definitely worth checking out one we did earlier – here’s ‘Wisdom’ in all it’s epic and colourful glory.