Corsets & Red Hair at Paxton House

So yes, if you’re a local around this neck of the woods you may have seen some posters for the lovely Paxton House featuring the equally lovely Zoe Mills. Apparently, people have been coming up to her in the street and saying “You’re the girl in the poster”. But then, inexplicably they can’t remember where the poster was. Still, not to worry, it’s all gone to her head of course – she’s now wearing a head-scarf, shades and the phrase ‘No comment’ is never far from her lips 🙂

Zoe is the ‘face of Paxton’ in 2012, and we have a few more shoots to do in the summer, which promise to be something quite special. In the meantime here’s one and there’s a few others coming shortly. Also checkout the new website for Paxton here, it’s very nice. I’ve said it before, but great cake.


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