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Sleepy Borders? Nothing Happening? Depends where you look.

Tasha Blackmore :https://www.facebook.com/tashaleoneblackmore



Lightroom 5 and Radial Gradient : Very Nice

It’s true. I’m an absolute sucker for Lightroom. I’ve been using it since LR 2 and have upgraded & loved it ever since. There is nothing like a CF card full of .cr2 images, a couple of free hours and the sliders ‘n’ buttons of Lightroom. And, it has to be said, this is from someone who loathes most Adobe products and thinks Photoshop is the most annoying piece of software on the planet. LR and raw, gives utter control and after six years of use, for me, is totally intuitive. If someone gave me the ultimatum of my camera or LR, erm, I’d have to think hard and/or just say “have the lot” and stomp off in a big grump. Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been trying out LR 5 – it’s got some nice new features, seems a bit quicker and less ‘laggy’ than LR 4…So here’s a legacy shot tweaked with a bit of LR 5 gorgeousness. Recommended? Absolutely.


First shoot of 2013 : Tasha

And here’s the first photo-shoot of 2013 with Tasha Blackmore. Aside from being a fabulous singer-songwriter, Tasha also models in her spare time which allows her to fund her recording sessions and to enable her to keep on releasing great new music. Her latest single ‘Permanent Memory’ can be found here, while her modelling portfolio is here:

If theres any justice in the world, she’s gonna make it big in 2013.



Photo of the day

Enough nonsense now. Here’s my favourite shot of the day. Thanks again to Zoe and Colleen.

Gathering ferns and still no oranges, but some maidenhair spleenwort.

OK, still no oranges – promise, hand on heart we’ll get there shortly.

Now, in my continuing quest for education I decided to look up ‘Ferns’ on the infernal wide web and I’m very glad I did – just look what I found out: One problem with fern classification is the problem of cryptic species. A cryptic species is a species that is morphologically similar to another species, but differs genetically in ways that prevent fertile interbreeding. A good example of this is the currently designated species Asplenium trichomanes, the maidenhair spleenwort. This is actually a species complex that includes distinct diploid and tetraploid races. There are minor but unclear morphological differences between the two groups, which prefer distinctly differing habitats. In many cases such as this, the species complexes have been separated into separate species, thus raising the number of overall fern species. Possibly many more cryptic species are yet to be discovered and designated.

The maidenhair spleenwort? Eh?

Nice spot for a lie down / Zoe in the woods

We headed down to the woods with Ms Z.Mills today – otherwise known as the face of Paxton House. To be honest she’s got a bit unbearable recently. People keep stopping her in the street, asking for her autograph, wanting her to sign their foreheads in indelible ink, that kind of thing…:-) No actually, she’s lovely. And she never complains despite the ludicrous instructions coming from er, my direction. ‘hold up this bag of oranges Zoe and pose like a ballerina’ ‘lie down on the damp forest floor where all those midges are’ ‘attack me with a huge piece of wood’ etc, etc…Not a peep! So thanks to Zoe and thanks to Colleen for make-up and of course, the oranges. Ah – there’s no oranges in this shot – all will be revealed later.


Fran and her gold coat

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a young lady in a gold coat, and for whatever reason, didn’t show her face. Now, as a photographer that’s a pretty poor show really…I mean my mum used to cut off peoples heads in photo’s, my dad would have everyone leaning at an angle of 32 degrees….Anyway, to make up for that, here’s Fran actually looking at the camera. Even better there isn’t a tree growing out of her head.

Corsets & Red Hair at Paxton House

So yes, if you’re a local around this neck of the woods you may have seen some posters for the lovely Paxton House featuring the equally lovely Zoe Mills. Apparently, people have been coming up to her in the street and saying “You’re the girl in the poster”. But then, inexplicably they can’t remember where the poster was. Still, not to worry, it’s all gone to her head of course – she’s now wearing a head-scarf, shades and the phrase ‘No comment’ is never far from her lips 🙂

Zoe is the ‘face of Paxton’ in 2012, and we have a few more shoots to do in the summer, which promise to be something quite special. In the meantime here’s one and there’s a few others coming shortly. Also checkout the new website for Paxton here, it’s very nice. I’ve said it before, but great cake.

Cat Burglar / Latest Shoot

Lowered down on a wire, dodging the infrared beams and making stealthily away with a bag of swag and and old master sliced from its frame and rolled up into a tube…Here’s a B&W shot from our latest shoot with Zoe.


I mean, what can you say? Looks great doesn’t it? I think everyone should be wearing this. Full size, non-cropped picture coming soon. And well done to the ladies of Coldingham.