Another 03:30 start – but some great results from the XF100

An early start this morning – this time not to video a rockstar on the mean streets of Leith, but to try out my new XF100 video camera (funded by selling my motorbike 😦 )…Having spent the last two years getting more and more into video with D-SLRS and loving every moment, I felt the time was right to make the true video-cam plunge. Why? Well, I love the image the D-SLRS can produce, but for making music videos you really need to bolt a whole load of stuff on to them – from shoulder rigs, to follow-focus and not to mention the audio. Sometimes I just need to be able to track a musician and keep the talent (smoothly) in focus. Something which, without a load of extra kit, is virtually impossible on a D-SLR. Hence, the Canon XF100, chosen with the help of a great review from Philip Bloom. And it’s a little miniature beauty. I can focus! I can get down low! Wow! A review will be coming soon in the context of making music video’s, but in the meantime, here’s what I got up for. This is the sunrise on the Northumberland coast just near Bamburgh. It was very cold, but what a beach! BTW this is a screen grab…


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