And the album is free / Pick up the Pieces / TWA

Pick up the Pieces

So the deal is for £5.50 you get to see three great live bands – including the headliners – the rock and riff-tastic The Warehouse Announcement. Not only that you get a copy of the album absolutely free. What else are you going to do with £5.50 on a Saturday night?  OK, you could try the 24/hour Greggs that sells cans of Carling and the festive lattice but you’ll be disappointed. You could go for two pints over in Holyhead. But really, with 150 tickets nearly sold out, there is only one place to me. The Maltings / Friday 30th July.

Even better the album is NOT a bag of shattered fragments from an ancient analogue recording format – no, it’s a perfectly intact CD!


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