80:8 / Beer Review / Scottish Borders Brewery

Er, OK, so it’s not a gear review…It’s not a band promo, it’s not a picture of a lovely lady lit beautifully by flash and ambient light, but I have to say it’s a damn fine pint. Now being (northern) English I have a particular view of beer. It took me a long time to admit that Fullers ESB is actually a rather nice pint – which is something difficult to admit when faced with a seemingly average flat headed London pint a and a good dose of Manc pith ‘n’ wit. In my time in the gorgeous Scottish Borders, apart from the bottled stuff from the likes of Traquair House, I’ve not really tasted anything that whetted my appetite for a second, or a third. That vicarious need not to get tipsy, but to taste something delicious, complex, subtle and which nags at the taste buds for just another sip more. Well, here it is.

The Scottish Borders Brewery

Kept beautifully by The Allanton Inn (great food, ambience and er, everything) the beer is dark, malty and has just the right amount of rich sweetness without being too heavy. In some ways the best part of it is that the alcohol content isn’t too strong – it’s around 4.5% ABV which means for a poncey Southerner like me, two pints is just enough to enjoy the taste and also be enveloped in a lovely warm ready-brek style glow of increased wit and charm (all in my mind of course). I also slept like a log that night, which given I am prone to sleepless nights of guilt caused by accidentally running over a red squirrel three years ago, is something I crave. Er, anyway. It’s great. If you have ever come across Jennings Snecklifter – it’s a little like that but lighter, not so strong and with a character all it’s own. Highly recommended. After a bit of research I found out the brewery is very young and is quite literally…From Plough to Pint. It’s an amazing enterprise, something that everyone in The Borders should be proud of.

So. Drink Up!


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