Hazardous liquids and Nuclear Power


Well, it was a perfectly normal day for 80eight today. We filled three glass flagons with coloured water, stuck some labels on them and procured a piece of particular sinister looking piping. Then we loaded the car up with lights, smoke machines and glue and headed off for the nearest nuclear power station. After five minutes of course we attracted the police, who I have to say were remarkably relaxed about the whole affair. Even I was struggling to explain what we were up to. So many thanks to the Lothian and Borders Police attached to Torness Power station for their understanding. Colleen nearly expired as I kept asking her to blow into the tube for minutes at a time forgetting of course that she needed to inhale every so often 🙂 She’s alright now though.

It was a top secret mission of course so we can only show you a tiny slice of what we were up to. Looks great doesn’t it? Keep your eyes peeled when the full images starts to hit the streets of Edinburgh.


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