Teenagers are all monosyllabic and useless

Really? Perhaps that’s what the Daily Mail would have us believe.

Here’s an acquaintance of 80eight, just turned 18 years old, speaking with the eloquence of somebody wise, intelligent and thoughtful. Check it out : http://oscarmacandrew.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/harelip/

Teenagers – never underestimate them. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface.




2 thoughts on “Teenagers are all monosyllabic and useless

  1. As a mother of a wonderfully intelligent and sensitive 15 year old son these are wise words. Yes, sometimes he grunts at me…..but not very often and it’s usually when he’s tired/hungry/fed up etc. I do the same! But usually when he communicates he is articulate, mature and amusing.

    Give teenagers a break. They have enough to deal with without us “adults” expecting Churchill-style speeches every time they open their mouth.

    A bit of respect goes a long way.

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