I remember reading somewhere, a long time ago, that the crashing and roaring of the surf could send a person insane. I never really considered this statement as having any sort of strength as my experience of the ‘surf’ is benign warm waves lapping gently against a Mediterranean beach. This place though, which we visited today whilst out scouting for locations, could, I’m sure, do such a thing. The sound of the waves are all encompassing. It’s like the whitest of white noise with an ominous and relentless thunder mixed in. The day itself was cold, grey and windy and the sense of aloneness, as distinct from loneliness was almost palpable. With windows facing the sea, I could imagine staring out at the surf, never being able to escape the thunder and boom of water grinding rocks and stone to dust. I would I think, grow a huge beard, develop a gimlet eye and mutter curses under my breath.

Luckily though, I walked for 15 minutes, got in the car and drove home – photo’s secured and safe. What a place though! Simply amazing. And while it’s much to cold and grim to think about using it within the next few months we’re definitely going to be back with a lovely model, in an over the top dress with great hair and makeup. It’s going to make a great shot.

Oh I know – rule of thirds employed here – no rules broken. Will try harder next time!


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