CD Art / Idiotcut / MIA

The first CD cover we ever produced was this one from Falkirk based band Idiotcut. I have very fond memories of the photoshoot as it was incredibly cold and wet as we tramped over to our secret band shooting location, located somewhere in East Lothian. This was exactly a year ago. Six months later the band played at the Rowchester festival then vanished – Missing in Action. Which is a great shame as their music is wonderful – detailed, layered, sophisticated pop/rock with a danceable edge and all underpinned by the  angel like voice of Ross Anderson. It’s really good stuff. If the guys read this – please get in touch! Remember you promised to play at Colleen’s 50th Birthday (not for a while yet!)

These two photo’s were almost afterthoughts – we had got all the shots we wanted in the bag and as we were packing up I noticed a rotten old door that I hadn’t been through before. Inside was a tiny little falling down room with great patterns of rot and staining on the walls. We placed our ‘Old Master’ at the back, brought the band in and I got a couple of shots with my cheapo Nissin flash and they came out great and the band just loved them. It pays to keep your eyes open on a shoot and not just follow the plan. If something grabs your attention, it’s likely that it will grab someone else’s.


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