Scent and heat within an image

This is a personal photo, but one which I feel has some merit being here. There is colour, the warmth and contrast of light, but more importantly than that, for me at least I can still feel that late afternoon heat on my shoulders as I clicked the shutter. I can smell the freshly mown grass, taste the wine and remember the crashing of the magnificent thunder storm that came soon after. That’s what photo’s should do. An easy cliche is to say they preserve memory, but I think if that is qualified by saying they preserve all types of memory from physical to emotional, then perhaps that abolishes the sense of cliche and turns them into something other than an image. The important thing is to recognise this in an image and simply delete or trash, anything where you don’t. It’s so easy in these days of cheap storage to keep digital stuff ‘just in case’. But that devalues everything. Keep what is special and cherish it. I’m going to follow my own medicine and cull my photo library. If it doesn’t make me remember why I took the photo, then it’s gone. And yes, with my finger hovering over the trash can, I’m trembling…


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