Lost in Audio / Blew the roof off

They came, they sold out the place and then blew the roof off. Lost in Audio played an absolute blinder at The Liquid Room in Edinburgh last night in front of 350 fans going absolutely crazy. The limited edition CD’s sold out, the new sound and songs went down amazingly well and now they find themselves surfing the crest of a wave. Well done to them, and I’ll shortly be going through 16gb of photo’s and HD video to extract the essential three minutes of footage which will sum up the band and their performance. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview. I’ll be posting more photo’s of LIA and the other bands who supported them over the next few days. Jason Kyrone, our favourite acoustic troubadour and wearer of great hats also paid a visit and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I have a sneaking feeling that an 80eight festival might be on the cards at some point!


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