Interlaken / A little time-lapse

Yikes, I’m still ignoring the rock ‘n’ roll for now (this will be addressed shortly) – as here we have a little time-lapse from Interlaken.  It’s been given the fake model look by adding a bit of tilt ‘n’ shift fakery in Lightroom, but hey! It’s kinda fun. Especially if you have the hidden and still in the closet love of model railways 🙂 The image below shows the ‘Golden Panoramic Express’ heading between Interlaken Ost & Interlaken West, while the TL itself has various bits of SBB rolling stock flitting across the bridge. Actually, this part of town is probably more accurately called Unterseen, so please feel free to not correct this entry. For info the time-lapse was taken on a Canon 5DII using a Hahnel Giga Pro remote control thingy.



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