OMG: It’s @DeanFriedman in Edinburgh!

Dean Friedman! Yes, through the medium of Twitter and via an alignment of several lesser known planets and a couple of moons, we found ourselves in the presence of the man who penned ‘Lydia’, ‘Ariel’ and of course….’Lucky Stars’! Now…If you haven’t wept adolescent tears of pure pathos and longing to the refrain of ‘Lydia’, then I’m afraid you need to leave this blog immediately. Me? I still weep when I hear it. In fact, I howl.  I must admit I’m not quite sure why I’m weeping, but there you have it. This is the power of Dean. All I can say is….I know where I keep my toothbrush.

So, it was a very great pleasure to meet up with Dean and many thanks to him for sparing us some time to take a few shots. Dean is currently in Edinburgh until the 25th August playing a set at Sweet in Grassmarket, while after that, he’s up and down the UK – more details here. Reviews from his shows suggest a brilliant time is had by all. Go!



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