Change of Scene / by @JasonKyrone

Wandering around the leafy glades and hollows of the Scottish Borders, a person is apt to come across an old castle or tower or two. Within these structures, if really lucky, you may hear the sound of singing…On such occasions it’s always handy to be carrying a couple of camera’s, tripods, two mics and 30ft of XLR cables in yer back-pack. Personally, I never leave home without such items together with a small onion, a match and a large elastic band. You gotta be prepared, that’s all I can say.

Jason Kyron

So yes, here’s Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Jason Kyrone singing one of his latest compositions ‘Change of Scene’. A truly beautiful song. For those of a nervous disposition (or under the age of 13) it does feature a NSFW word at the end. Thing is though…It’s fully justified, because yes, Mr. Kyrone did indeed “@$%£ing nail it!”

For more on Jason visit his Reverbnation Page. And wait! there’s more to come soon!



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