Tyres at Dawn / Berwick Film Festival Entry

The fell wind roared outside and clouds, in an urgent hurry to be elsewhere hurtled across the night sky as though caught in a time-lapse. Meanwhile, down in the 80:8 media-lab, fuelled by coffee, biscuits and couscous during an all night editing session, a sudden cry at 3am could be heard “’tis ready Igor!” Well, OK, so I didn’t morph into some crazed, wild-haired scientist  but not having blinked for six hours does have a peculiar effect on a persons psyche 🙂

Anyway, enough of this 3rd rate creative writing verbiage, what’s up? Well, we’ve just finished a video for Jason Kyrone– the folk-rock-pop-electronic troubadour from the city of Edinburgh and it has just this minute been entered in to the 2012 Berwick film Festival. This years festival, to quote from the organisers is “..focus on the relationship between the still and the moving image. Entitled Pictures in Motion, the programme will feature work that has been created by artists who have moved from photography into filmmaking, or that has been inspired by photography, whether through use of still image sequences or freeze frames, portraits or landscapes.”

So, there you have it, a simple enough brief. How did it turn out? Quite well I think, though I’ve no idea whether it’s good enough to be considered by such a well-regarded film festival. What does it look like? Well, we can’t show you until it’s been reviewed, rejected or accepted by the festival, but I think we’ll be OK with a little still….Was it fun to make? Most certainly! Even making no-budget films gets you into all sorts of situations and environments that you would never ordinarily consider. And new experiences at all ages are to be savoured.

So, the Film Festival is well worth checking out, it’s on 19th – 23rd September in Berwick and if you fancy submitting then you’ve got until the 29th June to get your entry in. Go on do it.


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