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Nina Nesbitt : Exclusive session for The Trip Magazine ‘Apple Tree’ @ninanesbitt

We had the pleasure of whizzing over to Electric Circus in Edinburgh last week to film an acoustic session with the delightful Nina Nesbitt. Nina is really making waves at the moment, she’s getting R1 airplay, she’s just played at Rockness, she will be playing at T in The Park and oh! She’s just landed a record deal! And she’s only 17. When I was 17 I couldn’t make a cup of tea for more than three people and got tongue-tied if asked a question that wasn’t about motorbikes or Motorhead. Anyway, Nina was just lovely and she has the most stunning voice that just seems to effortlessly come out of nowhere. We recorded two tracks with her and the first one is now available as part of ‘The Trip Sessions’. She’s definitely an artist to look out for and she’s gonna be massive. Click here or below to see the video for ‘Apple Tree’  – the second video will be coming along soon.

Thanks to Electric Circus for letting us use their space and Travelled Music for setting the gig up.


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