Lost In Audio : Keeping hold of your attention

Lost In Audio, firm favourites in the 80:8 Media-Pod (OK, we love ’em to bits) have been a little quiet recently, however, that doesn’t mean to say nothing has been happening. Newly expanded to a four-piece, with some excellent new songs being produced and some very good news just right around the corner…Much has been happening behind the scenes. A bit like the video for ‘Burning Up’ which for an unsigned band, is doing rather well. Currently hovering around 5200 views with, much more importantly, an above average retention span among viewers. When the most popular video on YT is less than a minute long and features a bitten finger (you know the one), the performance of ‘Burning Up’ is put in to some context. Now since we did the video I haven’t watched it much (I did after all have to listen to the song 7 million times whilst doing the editing) so I felt the time was right to watch it again.

And you know, it’s really quite good. Most importantly there’s a great performance from the band, Joe the lead singer really hits the mark with some great moves, Ewan on drums is just too full of cool energy to keep still while Murray (having now left the band) provides some nifty footwork and bass shapes. And all this, for a budget of £9.50 for a Chinese. I like it, I’m happy with it, I’m proud of it and the band. We had a great time making it. So, one more time – here they are, play loud, full screen….



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