I’ve been waiting to use this photo for a long time : Lost In Audio

And now, just seems to be the right time. Above is Joe Hendry, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with Edinburgh based band Lost In Audio and now it appears he’s a bit of a deal-maker also….He’s only gone and got the band a deal 🙂 Many congratulations to him, Ewan, Cal and Brad – this is is going to be one helluva of an album. I mean listen to this , this or this  and tell me you’re not waving your hands aloft, singing and getting that tingle down your spine.

The thing is, they are ready. There is a phrase in Jim Morrison’s biography which uses the analogy of archery to plot the trajectory of a bands career. It goes something like 1) The arrow is flighted, 2) The bow is drawn, 3) The arrow soars

Joe and the band are flighted and ready to take off. And yes, they will hit the target.


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