Something a bit different, from the archive

You know how it is, you need a bit of disk space so you start looking through the archive of old photographs. It’s a little bit like looking at all those offcuts of wood in the shed and dimpled tins of paint of dubious provenance….”I might just need that” you think…Same with photos…Anyway, luckily I came across this photo from a few years ago and decided I quite liked it. This is Sophie, she’s lovely and obviously the photo is wrong in quite a few ways. No catchlights, cropped at the knuckles – all the stuff you’re supposed not to do. With a few years distance though it seems to gone to a different, more interesting place. Unfortunately, that now means…I need all those tins of paint, odd length screws and bits of MDF…And the photo’s. So. Off to buy another 2TB disk tomorrow.


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