Girl in a hat / Paxton House

So yes, the 80:8 blog-o-cube has been a little quiet this week but much has been going on behind the scenes. Most of it has been concerned with messing around with blue lemons (I’d explain, but it would take a week). However, last weekend we mooched over to the lovely Paxton House to catch their opening weekend and to get some promo photo’s for the house. Paxton is lovely. It has an air of tranquility and you can always find a quiet space regardless of how many people are visiting. And the cakes are great. Here’s a shot of a young lady in hat – thanks to her for letting us take the picture – and if this is you – get in touch and we’ll give you a print! Also, get over to Paxton this Saturday/Sunday for the Prestonpans Tapestry weekend…I’m told there are Jacobites, muskets and all sorts of stuff going on. And cakes. Have I mentioned that already?


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