The Beach Vibe : Spittal Seaside Festival

TWA / Day Out in Spittal

Next stop for the burgeoning Berwick-upon-Tweed music scene, is the Spittal Seaside Festival this weekend. Spittal is great. It has a vaguely fin-de-siecle end of the pier kind of feel about it, mixed with a traditional British seaside holiday vibe where your mum forced you into the water even though it was only just above freezing. “Get in – you’ll enjoy it!” There’s loads on this weekend, rides, attractions, stalls and some great rock music. Spittal has a fabulous beach and has been featured in many a 80:8 photoshoot over the last few years, starting with the lovely Steph back in 2009, TWA, Matt Wilson and others. We love it.

The usual suspects are all playing Le Woodsmen, Robert Knox and Wise, Espionage of the Loc, the mighty Warehouse Announcement and loads of others.

As for the weather…Hmmm. OK, so the animals are already walking two by two around our house, but Sunday is looking good. Fingers crossed.

Matt @ Spittal


Steph @ Spittal


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