On the beach with Matt / Videos

Matt Wilson on the beach

Matt Wilson on the beach

In  a previous post we mentioned the great photo shoot we had with the unfeasibly young and talented Matt Wilson. Despite the fact he has a scooter and lives on the seaside, thus displaying slightly mod tendencies (motorbikes, grim council estates and no fashion sense being my 18 year old modus operandi) he’s cool, articulate and more importantly has particularly good shades. And of course he’s very skinny. So yes, we hate him really 🙂

Anyway, enough of me working out my middle-age anxieties in the medium of blog (I would try mime, but never fancied the trousers), here’s a couple of freshly minted video’s of Mr Wilson playing in the infamously reverb heavy 80eight kitchen. If Matt is looking hungry on occasion that’s because there was much baking of delicious cakes going on at the time. Rock ‘n’ Roll and home baking, it doesn’t get any better!



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