Carrot Art / An existential ramble


It’s all about originality, ultimately. We’re all on the look out for something that will interest or excite the senses – something not of the commonplace or has not yet entered the lingua franca of everyday parlance, whether it be visually, literary or sonically. I personally, don’t consider photography to be art (so shoot me) even though I love it’s power, look and obvious place in history as a visual mover and shaker. Perhaps an image is art once it has been PS’d and manipulated into something completely different? I love being able to create photographs – but camera’s are actually very imperfect devices when compared to paint brushes for image creation. How many times has anyone with a camera ‘saw’ a scene yet upon pressing the shutter, something merely mundane was captured?

Personally, I like simple juxtapositions combined with eye-popping quality. Hence, one night I opened some pink fizz and put a carrot in it. I just thought it would look good. To me it does. What it could ever be used for I have no idea, but I think the important factor here is to be taking photographs out of joy, desire or need alone. Also, raw carrot and pink fizz is actually quite nice. You should try it.


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