Latest Musician Promo / Matt Wilson


The sun shone bright, there was a touch of warmth in the air and off we set trying to find a piece of California in Berwickshire. And in fact we did, even though the shot shown here show’s something rather more British. Matt is a young and very talented singer songwriter who has major influences from the West Coast of the US, in terms of music, fashion and lifestyle. We had a very enjoyable shoot with him at the weekend and bagged some amazing promo shots, together with a couple of unplugged video’s which we’ll be posting soon.

Matt is leaving Edinburgh in the next few weeks to head back to his secret songwriters hideaway, where we understand all sorts of plans are being put into action. In the next month or so we’re expecting to see an explosion of material from Matt, so keep an eye out on this blog for more details. And he’s 18 – or to put it another way, 30 years younger than someone else in the 80eight household. After pointing this fact out, I must admit I wished I hadn’t, but too late now and I’m a firm believer of ‘in with both feet first’ 🙂


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