Generate Radio / Red Nose Day

Our local, community based Radio Station, Generate Radio are having an open day in their studio in Duns today. All for a great cause of course – so if you’ve ever wondered just how the magic of radio is produced, get yourself down to Duns Town Square and look out for the Generate Radio sign! The studio has recently been refurbished and it’s looking fantastic. The posh, double-barreled voices of Leonard Harper-Gow and Colleen Henderson-Heywood will be on air and attending, together with Kyle, Oscar and the rest of the Generate crew.

Generate Radio is a good thing. Actually, it’s an amazing thing, so if you’ve got a few minutes, support them and Comic Relief by paying a visit. You never know, they might even play a request or let you propose on air. Although it has been said ‘there is no romance in Duns’ you never know!  Kyle – A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers for me – I’m sure you know it well.


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