HMV : Another one bites the dust?

Where now for bricks ‘n’ mortar or the the tactile physicality of the things we love? It’s very easy on the demise of a once great ‘brand’, especially those which have such a great heritage and connection to our lives, to descend into a raging middle-age polemic against all that is new. HMV though. C’mon. It’s special. They’re not gone yet though, and here’s hoping they hang-on somehow.

But this isn’t about the demise of vinyl, or CD or posters or the ephemera of musical fandom. It’s actually about the potential loss of two things:

1) A physical space where music fans and musicians congregate to buy stuff, look at stuff, touch stuff and..engage.

2) A link to the once mystical idea that musicians should actually get paid for what they do.

And perhaps indirectly linked to this is the idea that music is something to be valued and the old art of sequencing an album is long gone.

HMV support music, yet of course they need to make a profit. I hope they continue somehow, they keep their live venues and remain connected to the punch in the stomach that is a three-chord riff played through a pedal. And yeah, I don’t buy CD’s anymore…So who am I to talk?

OK. I’m off to buy some vinyl. You see…nostalgia kicks in…


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