Easter Street / Live in Duns 08.10.11

Easter Street

Well, our local town of Duns shouldn’t just be thought of as the home of Greenvale spuds and the slightly scary looking monk dude in the park – but also as the home of some seriously good and interesting music. So last night at the Dun British legion…Step forward Easter Street – who in six months seem to have morphed into a credible and tight rock band mixing an interesting combination of progish, hard rock riffs and a bit of Radiohead? Think Smashing Pumpkins circa Mellon Collie, but with a Canadian edge and very tight/funky rhythm section and you might be somewhere close. The new stuff is really rather good and you get that feeling when watching them, that they have that telepathic sense between each other which marks out all good bands. Gentlemen, I think it’s time for A) A damn fine video and B) A gig in Edinburgh.

 Ably supported by Morfsnud – who themselves seem to have switched up a gear, for a wet, windy and foggy night in little old Duns – well, there was a small corner of Berwickshire that rocked tonight.

 Here’s a little video taster of – more to come.


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