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Matt Wilson

80eight photography and design are not just a company who get you in, take your photos and send you on your way. What the people at 80eight do is they get to know you, understand what exactly it is you want done. When I started working with 80eight we would run over countless ideas before eventually taking me to the most perfect locations for a shoot. Phil’s vision and imagination for that perfect photo would rival anything from the mind of Annie Leibovitz. I enjoy working with 80eight, since day one they welcomed me in like family and now they are always available for advice and information. Its not just photgraphy they offer either, In the near future we are planning to work on a music video together. Whether you are just starting out or well on in your career 80eight have all the tools and knowledge to give that career the boost it needs.

Matt Wilson.

Jason Kyrone

I could not recommend a more professional, genuine and sincere business to work with than  80:8 photography. These guys really do put their clients first and ensure total satisfaction along the way. I was so lucky to have been introduced to 80:8. With their support I have achieved things I had only dreamed of accomplishing. They have also become true friends and constantly consider myself as a singer/songwriter whenever an opportunity arises and look out for my best interests. Working on my most recent videos with 80:8 has been a completely enjoyable and exciting experience. Phil, the manager, really takes time with his work and only settles for outstanding results, always ensuring the product is tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Phil’s exceptional creative input and skills sets this business apart as a true winner for any musician wanting to walk away with an exceptionally refined and impressive product.

Jason Kyrone.

Easter Street

The team at 80:8 is really helping to breathe new life into Duns. Musically, things are definitely looking up in the area – and being in such close proximity to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle, 80:8 is definitely a place that all kinds of bands should check out.

Looking at their website is proof enough of the ridiculously great work they do, but what is really special about the team is the personal touch they provide. By really getting to know our band through extensive discussions, lyrical analysis and coming to shows, they have been able to tap into things that we didn’t even realise were there. Somehow, every single idea they come up with compliments the band, because it is rooted in our music. They have challenged us and, even at this early stage, helped us evaluate where we are and where we want to go. These are invaluable things for any band.

We can’t recommend 80:8 enough to any band that is looking to get themselves noticed. Whether it’s a sharp video, CD artwork, website content, photography, help with live shows or anything else you could imagine, they’ll help push you, while coming up with some amazing stuff. As a band, we’re still in our early stages, but along with 80:8, we’re very excited about the future.

Derek Huffman, guitarist/singer in ‘Easter Street’.


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