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Daring to step out of the comfort zone…

..Can take some considerable bottle. Especially when that step is one that plays with image and (stereo)type. Good then, that Jason Kyrone had no qualms or inhibitions. This photo is in the tradition of many a rock photo, edgy, playing with image and twisting it a little. More to come from Mr.Kyrone in the next post. And I love my £50 Canon 50mm 1.8! Lit with a 50W bulb!





Then I found you / @JasonKyrone / Musical Oxygen

We picked up the wandering troubadour of Edinburgh and Leith from the station, then exactly one hour later had him installed in a slightly draughty castle, mic’d up and ready to go. “What are you gonna play?” said I. And Mr Kyrone replied, “Well, I’ve got a new one you might like”. Then. He went and did this. Might like? Erm, this is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve heard. And I heard it first hand, watched it happen and now need to listen to it each day, as though it were musical oxygen to ward off imminent asphyxiation. If there’s a crowd-funding kinda dude out there – if this song isn’t worth £1000 of recording time, a few string players and some mastering….Then I don’t what is. Somebody, somewhere, needs to get behind this.


Anyway. Here is Jason Kyrone and “Then I found you”

NuFolk, ambient, soul : Coming soon from @JasonKyrone

Most of this weekend was spent in the presence of Jason Kyrone and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Hence, as you may have guessed, a couple of quick session video’s are on their way. Mr Kyrone kindly brought with him a selection of fine food and gifts : Edible eye-balls, a huge bag of onion rings, a £3 pack of horror make-up and a bottle of Drambuie. Suffice to say, a great weekend was had by all and the de-tox is now well underway.

More importantly, Jason also brought with him a couple of new and fabulous songs and we’re absolutely itching to share them – “then I found you” in particular is a hit. No doubt about it. It’s beautiful, catchy and features a hook I just can’t get rid off. And as for the guitar playing, Jason has created something new. NuFolk, ambient soul I reckon. The vocals are sublime – deep and husky but then out of the blue some incredible high notes that take the track to a fabulous new place. Keep an ear out for this track, it is both stunning & different yet has an accessibility that means it’s immediate, but also a depth that requires repeated listening.

As for the BMCC…it’s a physical object of alloy and clever electronics – nothing more. But. It’s an incredible device for producing beautiful images and yes, while it’s not as polished as something from the big players, it has the knack of displaying beauty. After my wife, my bike, my Mac, it’s the next thing to be rescued from the rhetorical burning house. Actually, it may come before the Mac….



Deep in his castle lair…Jason Kyrone & ‘Raylen the Raven’

Every folly used to have it’s hermit. Every castle would have it’s minstrel. And every small, yet perfectly formed tower in the Scottish Borders should also have a folk/indie/experimental singer-songwriter armed with a guitar and singing a song of ravens. As luck would have it, right on our doorstep, at the rather delicious Greenknowe Tower, we find Jason Kyrone singing ‘Raylen the Raven’. How strange..for a moment then, I had  a Michael Moorcock flashback and imagined a bone-white emperor with slanting eyes of crimson grooving to this song. I’m going to lie down now.

Jason Kyrone

Jason Kyrone :Raylen the Raven


Change of Scene / by @JasonKyrone

Wandering around the leafy glades and hollows of the Scottish Borders, a person is apt to come across an old castle or tower or two. Within these structures, if really lucky, you may hear the sound of singing…On such occasions it’s always handy to be carrying a couple of camera’s, tripods, two mics and 30ft of XLR cables in yer back-pack. Personally, I never leave home without such items together with a small onion, a match and a large elastic band. You gotta be prepared, that’s all I can say.

Jason Kyron

So yes, here’s Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Jason Kyrone singing one of his latest compositions ‘Change of Scene’. A truly beautiful song. For those of a nervous disposition (or under the age of 13) it does feature a NSFW word at the end. Thing is though…It’s fully justified, because yes, Mr. Kyrone did indeed “@$%£ing nail it!”

For more on Jason visit his Reverbnation Page. And wait! there’s more to come soon!


“Well, I’m a musician” / @JasonKyrone in Berwick-upon-Tweed

Well, we had that Jason Kyrone in the back of the car on Saturday. Good shades, great strides and….Three rather nice tunes ‘n’ videos coming shortly. In the meantime though, here’s Jason watching the river Tweed ebb, flow and be rather tidal. Shortly after this photo was taken a chap approached Jason and asked “Why are you dressed like that?” Mr. Kyrone who (who had dressed down for the occasion) was heard to murmur, “Well, I’m a musician”. Perfect. Just perfect.


Here it is – the latest video from Jason Kyrone and it’s a bit good!

“A feather fell down from a bird of prey, when I picked it up I saw my name engraved”

Lyrics to die for, a great performance and it’s not half bad to look at. Just released, here’s the video for “Little Black Book” by Jason Kyrone. Shot in Leith and Berwick-upon-Tweed. Music recorded at home, filmed and edited by one person, acted by one person and a right hoot! Enjoy.

Little Black Book : The Video / Release Date 09-08-12

The video for Jason Kyrone and “Little Black Book” is going to be released this Thursday at 20:00 and it’s a little cracker. Featuring great acting from Mr Kyrone and the glamour of locations such as Leith Docks and Spittal beach in dreadful weather, it’s a real tonic for the damp weather we’re having. Plus, even more important, it’s a damn fine song. Coming soon!


03:30 start this morning, so going to bed now : But just before….

…Here’s a still from the Jason Kyrone video we were shooting at 5am this morning in Leith. It’s only had a super rough-cut edit so far and the colour grading was done in five minutes just to see what could be brought out, yet already I’m getting a bit excited by it. Even better, there’s another filming session next week where some very er, interesting shots are planned! If you’ve seen ‘Un Chien Andalou’ you should have a pretty good clue as to what will be going on 🙂 So, before I fall asleep here’s the screen grab and er, good night Jim-Bob, etc, etc.

Indigo? What’s all that about then? Is it a Rosebud kinda moment in the editing-pod? Could be!

Jason Kyrone / New Photos, video and music

Headed over to Leith this morning to meet up with Jason Kyrone – the aim being to check out locations for a new video that we’re planning for ‘Little Black Book‘. I was late, but then so was Jason. As I scanned the crowds looking for him I saw a bright multi-coloured spec in the distance, which of course turned out to be him – check the photo out! No fancy lights for this one, just natural light and a bit of cross processing in Lightroom. As for the video, we found loads of great places to choose from and filming begins next week.

In the meantime, in best Blue Peter fashion it’s definitely worth checking out one we did earlier – here’s ‘Wisdom’ in all it’s epic and colourful glory.