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Ordinaryson : A shot at paradise

Well, I go to work eleven hours a day. I meet my train friends and we eat soup together and mock the grey race. And then, ‘paradise’ and Ordinaryson takes us away to somewhere else. Moments. They tick, un-noticed. Like the dawn chorus and a golden light through the windows on a wintry day. They make this life, good. Give them a listen…Links here:







Snow + Moonlight + Footsteps



Taken in 2010. See you in 2014.

It’s a woody-gator

Disclaimer: I expect and indeed would be disappointed not to receive adverse comments for such an awful pun. Anyway, here’s a stick in some water. The water is rather special though as it’s formed from the melting glacial waters high in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

(Last ND 64 shot).




Schreckhorn // B&W Landscape

Back to the landscapes again and as promised/threatened here’s a another ND64 shot – this time of (I think) the Schreckhorn in Switzerland. It’s a shame the crop on the blog doesn’t allow for more of the image to be shown as there’s some really nice cascades in the bottom half. This was a two second exposure at F11 / ISO 100 using the Canon 28-105L.

One more to come and that’s it. Promise.




Like slo-mo, everything looks cool with a bit of long exposure.

It’s true. Slo-Mo video of a dude frying an egg will look cool. In real-time it will just look like er, a dude frying an egg. The same is kinda true of long exposures in still photography. Water, especially, always looks nice ‘n’ feathery. Anyway, here’s my attempt taken in broad daylight except with a ND 64 slapped on the lens giving me 2 seconds at f7.1. Like the known evil of selective colouring (see previous blog entry on this subject), you can expect to see a load of these over the next few days, closely followed by me getting bored of ’em and never using the filter again 🙂 Of course, in the standard exposure of this (like 1/250th or thereabouts) you can see a shopping trolley….

Water 'n' Rocks

The Warehouse Announcement : 2013 Re-Boot / Take 2

..And here’s the rest of TWA. Pictured here enjoying some Warehouse Beer on the sandy beech at Spittal. Notice clothing and slightly pained smiles. It was March and chuffing freezing. Still, as with anything involving The Warehouse Announcement, it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll innit?


B&W and a bit grainy : King Krule live from Liverpool.

Left me feeling as perplexed as I do when listening to Trout Mask Replica.


Fin de Siecle (Part 2)

Tres bon. Found in a derelict garage near Fayl-Billot in France.

Photo of the day

Enough nonsense now. Here’s my favourite shot of the day. Thanks again to Zoe and Colleen.