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Parkinson’s Disease

Jason Kyrone / New Photos, video and music

Headed over to Leith this morning to meet up with Jason Kyrone – the aim being to check out locations for a new video that we’re planning for ‘Little Black Book‘. I was late, but then so was Jason. As I scanned the crowds looking for him I saw a bright multi-coloured spec in the distance, which of course turned out to be him – check the photo out! No fancy lights for this one, just natural light and a bit of cross processing in Lightroom. As for the video, we found loads of great places to choose from and filming begins next week.

In the meantime, in best Blue Peter fashion it’s definitely worth checking out one we did earlier – here’s ‘Wisdom’ in all it’s epic and colourful glory.


Easter Street & Wheres George @ Audiosoup/Equinox : Tonight!

Sorry for the short notice, but if you’re around Belhaven Fruit Farm in about an hour or so then make sure you stop and visit. Why? Early season strawberries? No! Easter Street and Where’s George are playing. Get down and enjoy. If you can’t make it enjoy the photo’s and hopefully more later.

Vintage digital video / Matt Wilson and Waves

1080P HD 48Mb/s video is a fabulous thing to behold. Pristine and sharp, full of depth and tonal quality….And I’ve just spent most of the evening trashing it. This is our next video – currently in post production – Matt Wilson and ‘Waves’. It’s very different to our last few video’s – quite lo-fi but hopefully worth a watch or two. Here’s a still.

Take One Minute / Episode 7

Here’s the latest in our series of Take One Minute Parkinson’s Disease video’s. This is episode 7 and it’s called ‘Personal’. Many thanks to Jason Kyrone for allowing us to use his amazing track ‘Gravity’ for this.

Take One Minute / Parkinson’s Disease

Take One Minute is a little side venture for 80eight – which despite the seemingly serious nature of the material still allows us to include great photo’s, design, video and music – everything we love! The website is currently undergoing a bit of a facelift at the moment, so it’s looking a little disjointed. However, once it’s done it’s going to blow everyone away! We’re going to get as far away as possible from the kind of clinical look which similar sites use and do something more associated to fashion and bands. Why? The intent is serious. The message is serious, but we’re hoping that another side of illness can be seen and it’s one that Colleen lives every single minute of every single day. Life is still there to be lived to the full. Check out the video’s on the site. Call if you want to discuss anything. And you know, enjoy the photo’s.