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Band Photography

The Warehouse Announcement

80eight specialise in high quality and imaginative promo photography in the main but also do live event photography when asked to! Our promo photography can be used on anything from press packs, websites, merch, posters, CD covers and even incorporated into multi-media electronic press kits. We guarantee that that a three hour shoot with us will get you enough different images to keep you and your fans happy for months. And we have a very simple pricing structure:

Come and visit us and we charge £150 for a three hour shoot. If you’re unsigned then you get the images on a disc hi-res all in. If you’re signed or actively making a living then we’ll charge you an image licence fee – but don’t worry – it’s not scary and pricey!

The same deal applies if we visit you but will involve expenses on top.

We aim to deliver excellence. Whether you are signed and as big as Biffy, or unsigned and just starting out you will get exactly the same quality and more importantly just as much of  our time.

You get more than photo’s with 80eight – you get advice, plans and suggestions. Now that is priceless.




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