80:8 Photography : Video : Sound : Bands : Portraits

About 80eight

80eight used to have a policy and a focus on certain kinds of photography and design…Now, because we’re Gemini’s, because we love sounds, visuals, textures and the sound of wind through bamboo, we have thrown all the constrictions out of the window. Look at our websites, look at our designs, look at the photography – but more importantly listen to the way we speak, hear our enthusiasm for all things gorgeous and wonderful, then get in contact if you think we can help you, or deliver something special. If we can’t do it, we know someone who can. We’ll speak to you and understand you – not just deliver a generic item devoid of thought – but something special to you and unique.

80eight are :

Colleen : Idea’s, noise, design, branding, chatter and sweets

Philip : Photography, calmness, tech, dedication, layout, vision, video, multimedia

Joe : Musician, noise, business, muscles, voice

Kyle : Sound, engineering, broadcasting, networking

80eight : Enthusiasm, perfection and vision

Check out our blog, see what we do. We’re in The Borders, the perfect place to relax and the coffee is good. Go on. Take a Chance.


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