Chatton Vintage Enduro – A few shots

I stumbled across the Chatton Vintage Enduro completely by accident – or perhaps I was drawn, like the Bisto kid, to the glorious smell of two-stroke fumes? Anyway I went back the next day and grabbed a few shots. It looked like a fabulous, well laid out and well organised (Vinduro) event. Adding to the nostalgia was that every dirt-bike I had ever owned were being thrashed around the course. KDX200, DR350, XR600….Just fabulous. For a moment I was tempted to head over to Border Bikes, hand over some cash and walk away with a 1989 Husky.

The moment soon passed though 🙂 If it doesn’t for you checkout the Vinduro UK Website for Regs!

More photo’s can be found here: Chatton Gallery

A little video can be found here: Chatton Video



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