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Tasha Blackmore / Nothing Compares / Vegas Demo

And so we wake. Yawning from the slumber of Ichabod Crane, in other words…Blog re-booted and you won’t believe the stuff in store. As a sweet taster, here’s Tasha Blackmore and a demo of ‘Nothing Compares’ written, performed and filmed in a Vegas hotel room in around, er, 12 hours.



<a href=”https://vimeo.com/117116474″></a>%5D


Ordinaryson : A shot at paradise

Well, I go to work eleven hours a day. I meet my train friends and we eat soup together and mock the grey race. And then, ‘paradise’ and Ordinaryson takes us away to somewhere else. Moments. They tick, un-noticed. Like the dawn chorus and a golden light through the windows on a wintry day. They make this life, good. Give them a listen…Links here: