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Hyperspace / gasmask platforms and eggtimer / @JasonKyrone

Hyperspace may refer to:

In fiction:

In technology:

In mathematics:

In music:

  • An exciting song from an exciting musician – featuring a gas mask, some very nice shoes and yes, an egg timer. Such are the tools we need. Production notes to follow shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy and play loud.



Final castle shot / 3

Final shot of the castle for a while. Mainly because I got wet feet.


A bell, a cabin, a location

In the ceaseless search for glamorous music video locations, we investigated this place recently. It’s lush and in a prime location. And the roof is good. Anyway, we liked it so much we made a little video of it. Quite why there was a little glass bell on the window sill I have no idea. Thoughts of “The Blair Witch” project were going through my head as I tramped my way around, however, luckily, I wasn’t forced to stand in the corner although I will admit my nose did run a little. What a place though. So, if any musicians would like to shoot a music video here – let me know. A full health and safety has been performed 🙂


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/84370789 w=600&h=338]

More from the coast of Mordor, sorry, Northumberland

The Northumberland coast is gorgeous. No orcs. Absolutely not. But then, on a dark, moonless night it can, on occasion, look somewhat like another place.


Meanwhile, down on the beach….

…it was cold, windy but ultimately rather elemental. In the water, surfers were fighting the failing light to catch the last wave of the day, while up ahead, the castle switched its lights on. Bamburgh Castle that is, in Northumberland – looking out on some of the finest beaches in Britain. Back home, with wet feet & a bowl of soup I’ve got the sudden urge to listen to some Michael Nyman. A draughtsman’s contract it is. Great music…never understood the film…although it looked gorgeous. Before the digressions take over and we start discussing Schrodingers cat or the gordian knot, here’s the castle. Might be another one tomorrow.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle


Las Vegas take 2 / A more traditional view

Here’s another shot from Las Vegas, this time one rather more ‘traditional’. Featuring New York New York, the MGM Grand, the Monte Carlo, a stretch limo and a taste of the sheer madness of the place….I just love the fact that Vegas turns the superficial into something extraordinary. It takes sunshine, gambling, hotels, shopping, food, drinking & shows to a glitzy & crazed yet thoroughly imaginative, well done and quality level. I won’t be going again though. I’m trashed 🙂


IC-double me and you / production notes / @joeshendry @topclasskennedy

Shortly before Christmas we were engaged by two fellows – “Local Hero” Joe Hendry & “Agent to the Stars” James R. Kennedy to produce a music video for a song about Insane Championship Wrestling called “IC double-me and you”. Having a lifelong fear of burly men I can’t say it was top of the list of my priorities given it was a few days before Christmas (when buying M&S discounted Prosecco obviously is) however…When the song was sent over the night before the shoot it was plain that it was a hit and it was important to be involved. I can truthfully say there was no threat of legal action from Mr Kennedy. The shoot itself was quite easy – although keeping back the hordes of inquisitive onlookers & autograph hunters did prove troublesome – still that’s the price of fame I guess.


Production Notes:

– Storyboard & Shot list : Prepared at Starbucks 20 minutes before the shoot
– Shooting time : Around three hours
– Cameras : Blackmagic Cinema Camera, GoPro Hero 3 (slo-mo) & Canon 5DII (wide-angle)
– Lens : Canon 24-70, 70-200 & 17-40
– Edited in : Final cut Pro (around 3 hours)
– Graded : Magic Bullet Looks
– VFX : Dust ‘n’ snow by M-Dust
– Locations : Edinburgh, Calton Hill, Waverley Station & a bar at the back of the station
– Titles & compositing (as in above) : Motion 4

All in all the video came out rather well. Here it is – enjoy!

Futurescape Las Vegas

Just got back and feeling tired & let-laggy – yet missing the undeniable vibe of the place. Vegas has many faces, but here’s a slightly different one – Bladerunner without the rain and a bright, hard-edged, luminous future-scape. This is the Aria Hotel taken from under the Aria-Express. Going to bed now to dream of hover-cars. More to come.