“Despair” | Bram Knol : Over a year in the making / 5 astounding minutes

Feeling very lucky to have had a sneak preview of “Despair” – a short film that has been produced, directed, designed, edited & written….By Bram Knol. He’s probably done a load of other things also, but there’s not enough room in this blog to list them all….Designed as an addition to Bram’s portfolio to help him get  an internship at the Weta Workshop the film is to have it’s premiere shortly – once available publicly I’ll post the link here. What’s it like? Through the use of colour & incredibly designed costumes the like of which I haven’t seen before and which seem at the same time, completely authentic, it transports us to another place, time and space. All the costumes were designed & produced by Bram – and once you see them they inhabit your dreams and thoughts for a long, long time. Here’s a taste.



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