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“Last December” the video / By Tasha Blackmore – Now released! @Tashabmusic @BlackMagic_Cine

As promised, here’s the latest video from Tasha Blackmore : “Last December”. Shot on a remarkably cold day in just over three hours, in a somewhat inaccessible place within the legendary kingdom of Northumbria….It turned out rather nice! Mixing and sound magic from Iain Petrie, great performance, song and vocals from Tasha. Thanks to Colleen for make-up and hair curling (Tasha’s, not mine) and the lovely folk over at Blackmagic Design in Australia who developed, delivered and produced the quite incredible Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Gentlemen…You have opened my eyes.


Other stuff: The light leak effect is nothing more than me waving a sparkler in front of the lens, while the odd bits of subtle movement were created using a Glidetrack Shooter. As always everything was edited in Final Cut Pro 7, graded in Magic Bullet looks with a tiny bit in DaVinci Resolve. Anything else? Oh a top handle for the BMCC from Zacuto and a Tiffen variable ND. In some ways we didn’t get all the footage I originally intended as A) It was freezing and B) Some eagles with their own paparazzi arrived! Not to worry though – we pulled it off. So here we go:


“Despair” | Bram Knol : Over a year in the making / 5 astounding minutes

Feeling very lucky to have had a sneak preview of “Despair” – a short film that has been produced, directed, designed, edited & written….By Bram Knol. He’s probably done a load of other things also, but there’s not enough room in this blog to list them all….Designed as an addition to Bram’s portfolio to help him get  an internship at the Weta Workshop the film is to have it’s premiere shortly – once available publicly I’ll post the link here. What’s it like? Through the use of colour & incredibly designed costumes the like of which I haven’t seen before and which seem at the same time, completely authentic, it transports us to another place, time and space. All the costumes were designed & produced by Bram – and once you see them they inhabit your dreams and thoughts for a long, long time. Here’s a taste.


“Last December” / Tasha Blackmore – Only a few days to wait!


The video for “Last December”, Tasha Blackmores latest single is finished, saved, uploaded and is a bit alright really. It’s the first video we’ve done that has been entirely shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, so there has been a bit of a learning curve, mainly around me being able to force myself to expose to the right – but aside from that, it’s been a joy to use and the ProRes footage is about a million times more forgiving than that from a DSLR. Once the full video is released on the 25th November, full production notes will be posted here, but in the meantime here’s a little sneak preview.

Exit stage left (for a change of dress) / Electric Penelope

Another shot from the Electric Penelope gig held last weekend at The Maltings in Berwick. During the concert, when the sense of mellowness had enveloped the entire audience like a perfumed fog of luxury gorgeousness, I felt the need to wear a cravat and have a small dose of Laudanum to relax me even further. Such is the transport that music can induce. Here is Ms P about to change into another frock.


Gin / By Candle light

I’ve only recently discovered a taste for Gin, however, I’m not quite heading down Gin Lane just yet and living a life of starvation, madness & decay – more like just the odd G&T now and then followed a photo of the hallowed liquor. Here’s one, gin, apples and candlelight. Lovely.


Glamour & romance in Berwick-upon-Tweed // @elec_penelope

Reality suspended and held in amber: For a moment, I could imagine going to the bar and ordering a Martini, then expecting to see a yellow cab upon leaving the speakeasy. But, no, it was Berwick-upon-Tweed, The Maltings and instead I lost my footing on a chip.

Electric Penelope, The Scottish Romance Orchestra and the evocation of a place that most definitely wasn’t the northernmost town in England. Here’s a glimpse.

Electric Penelope




Then I found you / @JasonKyrone / Musical Oxygen

We picked up the wandering troubadour of Edinburgh and Leith from the station, then exactly one hour later had him installed in a slightly draughty castle, mic’d up and ready to go. “What are you gonna play?” said I. And Mr Kyrone replied, “Well, I’ve got a new one you might like”. Then. He went and did this. Might like? Erm, this is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve heard. And I heard it first hand, watched it happen and now need to listen to it each day, as though it were musical oxygen to ward off imminent asphyxiation. If there’s a crowd-funding kinda dude out there – if this song isn’t worth £1000 of recording time, a few string players and some mastering….Then I don’t what is. Somebody, somewhere, needs to get behind this.


Anyway. Here is Jason Kyrone and “Then I found you”

Just this minute finished the final cut : @Tashabmusic // 25.11.13

Having just completed the final cut and edit of Tasha Blackmore’s latest video, aside from reaching for a glass of wine and a small biscuit…I prophesy tears of emotion and a flood of marriage proposals….It’s a great performance from Tasha, full of character, full of genuine charm and very…beguiling. And the wife likes it, which can’t be bad.

It’s out on the 25th November. More details on Tasha’s FB page here, but in the meantime, here’s a little still. In other news, if Marquez doesn’t win the MotoGP Championship on Sunday, I shall be very sad.