Could it be anymore perfect? Ruby @roulotteretreat

Being of certain age, gorgeous little gypsy caravans do tend to get me rather breathless. I’m taken back to a time when there were only three TV stations, everything was made out of nylon and you still got milk at school. To be honest, it was a bit grim. However, the one ray of light in all this, was, of course, the Cadbury’s Flake advert. Memory may deceive me, but didn’t one of the ad’s feature a young, tousled hair woman of vaguely romany appearance in a gypsy caravan? Or was that the Timotei advert? Anyway, I don’t care. Either will do 🙂 These little pieces of visual perfection seemed to be beamed in from a different world – a world of decent haircuts, cotton and of course the unimaginable luxury of flaky chocolate and/or shampoo that didn’t smell of bleach.  Anyway, enough nostalgia – back to the present and a lovely weekend taking snaps at the rather fab Roulotte Retreat over in Melrose. Much more to come, but for now, here’s Ruby, nestled under the trees getting ready for Winter.


Could it be anymore perfect? Well, there was no flake…But there’s always next time.


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