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NuFolk, ambient, soul : Coming soon from @JasonKyrone

Most of this weekend was spent in the presence of Jason Kyrone and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Hence, as you may have guessed, a couple of quick session video’s are on their way. Mr Kyrone kindly brought with him a selection of fine food and gifts : Edible eye-balls, a huge bag of onion rings, a £3 pack of horror make-up and a bottle of Drambuie. Suffice to say, a great weekend was had by all and the de-tox is now well underway.

More importantly, Jason also brought with him a couple of new and fabulous songs and we’re absolutely itching to share them – “then I found you” in particular is a hit. No doubt about it. It’s beautiful, catchy and features a hook I just can’t get rid off. And as for the guitar playing, Jason has created something new. NuFolk, ambient soul I reckon. The vocals are sublime – deep and husky but then out of the blue some incredible high notes that take the track to a fabulous new place. Keep an ear out for this track, it is both stunning & different yet has an accessibility that means it’s immediate, but also a depth that requires repeated listening.

As for the BMCC…it’s a physical object of alloy and clever electronics – nothing more. But. It’s an incredible device for producing beautiful images and yes, while it’s not as polished as something from the big players, it has the knack of displaying beauty. After my wife, my bike, my Mac, it’s the next thing to be rescued from the rhetorical burning house. Actually, it may come before the Mac….




Could it be anymore perfect? Ruby @roulotteretreat

Being of certain age, gorgeous little gypsy caravans do tend to get me rather breathless. I’m taken back to a time when there were only three TV stations, everything was made out of nylon and you still got milk at school. To be honest, it was a bit grim. However, the one ray of light in all this, was, of course, the Cadbury’s Flake advert. Memory may deceive me, but didn’t one of the ad’s feature a young, tousled hair woman of vaguely romany appearance in a gypsy caravan? Or was that the Timotei advert? Anyway, I don’t care. Either will do 🙂 These little pieces of visual perfection seemed to be beamed in from a different world – a world of decent haircuts, cotton and of course the unimaginable luxury of flaky chocolate and/or shampoo that didn’t smell of bleach.  Anyway, enough nostalgia – back to the present and a lovely weekend taking snaps at the rather fab Roulotte Retreat over in Melrose. Much more to come, but for now, here’s Ruby, nestled under the trees getting ready for Winter.


Could it be anymore perfect? Well, there was no flake…But there’s always next time.

Summer sound system

After riding through pouring rain and dark glowering skies this afternoon, aside from feeling somewhat Heathcliffian (i.e. moody with rain-lashed legs) thoughts turned to summer, shots and sound systems. So here’s a sound system complete with a perfectly organic flare and a small tin robot. More visual memories of a glorious summer coming soon.


A still…Or is it a video grab? Coming soon to a telly near you….Cinema raw

OK, this is a nice enough photo – a little landscape and a little castle in Scotland. Ah but! It’s not a photo…It’s a video still. Yeah I know. Kinda scary. And this is ‘only’ a 2.5K raw still from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. When the 4K comes out I might be throwing the still camera away. Well, except when I need a blast of flash in sunlight, a long exposure for star trails, a long exposure for milky water or a 21mp fashion shot 🙂 Anyway, when I finally manage to hire myself a Cray super-computer I’ll process the raw cinema files and get them uploaded…Meanwhile it’s stills only.