Lightroom 5 and Radial Gradient : Very Nice

It’s true. I’m an absolute sucker for Lightroom. I’ve been using it since LR 2 and have upgraded & loved it ever since. There is nothing like a CF card full of .cr2 images, a couple of free hours and the sliders ‘n’ buttons of Lightroom. And, it has to be said, this is from someone who loathes most Adobe products and thinks Photoshop is the most annoying piece of software on the planet. LR and raw, gives utter control and after six years of use, for me, is totally intuitive. If someone gave me the ultimatum of my camera or LR, erm, I’d have to think hard and/or just say “have the lot” and stomp off in a big grump. Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been trying out LR 5 – it’s got some nice new features, seems a bit quicker and less ‘laggy’ than LR 4…So here’s a legacy shot tweaked with a bit of LR 5 gorgeousness. Recommended? Absolutely.



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