Like slo-mo, everything looks cool with a bit of long exposure.

It’s true. Slo-Mo video of a dude frying an egg will look cool. In real-time it will just look like er, a dude frying an egg. The same is kinda true of long exposures in still photography. Water, especially, always looks nice ‘n’ feathery. Anyway, here’s my attempt taken in broad daylight except with a ND 64 slapped on the lens giving me 2 seconds at f7.1. Like the known evil of selective colouring (see previous blog entry on this subject), you can expect to see a load of these over the next few days, closely followed by me getting bored of ’em and never using the filter again 🙂 Of course, in the standard exposure of this (like 1/250th or thereabouts) you can see a shopping trolley….

Water 'n' Rocks


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