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East Coast – more mist and atmosphere #bmcc

Right, here’s the last bit of mist and tranquil loveliness for now – and what better way to finish than on the be-cragged coast of the East Coast of Northern England/Southern Scotland (plus a tiny bit inland!).  From trains, to cockles to cows. Again, shot on the lovely BlackMagic Cinema Camera in ProResHQ.  Some rock ‘n’ roll coming soon! Promise!



The damp beauty of early Autumn #BMCC

Autumn hasn’t really arrived yet – the leaves on the tree’s haven’t turned, however there is that sense that the greenery has exhausted its energy for this year. The green is darker and the leaves damp and limp, like a cabbage leaf that’s been on a compost heap for a couple of days. I guess, there is also a subtle vegetable smell in the air. We’re also getting some great early morning mist where the vapour clings to the threads of spiders like little strings of diamante. This Saturday morning was a case in point, so it was out with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera and a trip to Greenknowe Tower in the Scottish Borders. The camera continues to amaze. Before I had cataracts, now I have clarity. Here we go.



Special x


Summer hasn’t gone yet.

Warm golden sunshine, musicians playing and the best dancer in Duns getting in on the act 🙂 Thing is, you start pointing a big hooning white L lens around, what’s gonna happen? Fingers crossed it stays warm for a while longer.


Lightroom 5 and Radial Gradient : Very Nice

It’s true. I’m an absolute sucker for Lightroom. I’ve been using it since LR 2 and have upgraded & loved it ever since. There is nothing like a CF card full of .cr2 images, a couple of free hours and the sliders ‘n’ buttons of Lightroom. And, it has to be said, this is from someone who loathes most Adobe products and thinks Photoshop is the most annoying piece of software on the planet. LR and raw, gives utter control and after six years of use, for me, is totally intuitive. If someone gave me the ultimatum of my camera or LR, erm, I’d have to think hard and/or just say “have the lot” and stomp off in a big grump. Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been trying out LR 5 – it’s got some nice new features, seems a bit quicker and less ‘laggy’ than LR 4…So here’s a legacy shot tweaked with a bit of LR 5 gorgeousness. Recommended? Absolutely.


New music video…coming soon….

…And here’s a little still taster. For those of a cam-geek persuasion, the image below is raw DNG crop from the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Er, yes – I’m blown away too. Full video coming soon.


We’ve been here before but…

In July 1968, I was 14 months old and probably doing something unspeakable in a nappy. Meanwhile, over in Fayl-Billot and the Mecanique Generale,  someone was doing a roaring trade in either car repairs or television sales. That’s 45 years ago. 45 years later I’m wandering around the increasingly crumbling and derelict garage and find the ‘Caisse’ lying on the ground outside a broken window. Being in France of course, the temptation is to go all Proust like – but unfortunately, my first exposure to Proust was Monty Python’s ‘Summarising Proust Competition’ so I’ve never been able to take “Remembrance of things past” seriously. But look at this still from the video – July 1968 M.Fernand 30FF, M.Raymond 40FF and this particular sales ledger was full on every page and went up to 1975….It’s a piece of ordinary history. Of ordinary people, working hard – but no less wonderful for it. History just isn’t made from the stuff of the extraordinary.


In 40 years from now, what kind of physical ordinary history is going to be left lying on a damp windowsill in provincial France, or indeed anywhere ? Me, I do my accounts on a spreadsheet. I type everything, so that even if I were hand-scribing my ledgers, they would actually, be illegible.

There’s a real connection to the people who created this ledger. A human connection seen in the firm stroke of the pen and the flourish on the capital letters. The age of the document is both palpable and visceral. This isn’t about nostalgia, it’s about a very beautiful old building, going through it’s final death throes and knowing once, that it was thriving and lively with shouts and the smell of Gauloises & coffee. I suspect in the next year or two the building will be no more as it’s decline has accelerated over the last year, so here is, what maybe, it’s last video epitaph.

Interlaken / A little time-lapse

Yikes, I’m still ignoring the rock ‘n’ roll for now (this will be addressed shortly) – as here we have a little time-lapse from Interlaken.  It’s been given the fake model look by adding a bit of tilt ‘n’ shift fakery in Lightroom, but hey! It’s kinda fun. Especially if you have the hidden and still in the closet love of model railways 🙂 The image below shows the ‘Golden Panoramic Express’ heading between Interlaken Ost & Interlaken West, while the TL itself has various bits of SBB rolling stock flitting across the bridge. Actually, this part of town is probably more accurately called Unterseen, so please feel free to not correct this entry. For info the time-lapse was taken on a Canon 5DII using a Hahnel Giga Pro remote control thingy.


It’s a woody-gator

Disclaimer: I expect and indeed would be disappointed not to receive adverse comments for such an awful pun. Anyway, here’s a stick in some water. The water is rather special though as it’s formed from the melting glacial waters high in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

(Last ND 64 shot).




Schreckhorn // B&W Landscape

Back to the landscapes again and as promised/threatened here’s a another ND64 shot – this time of (I think) the Schreckhorn in Switzerland. It’s a shame the crop on the blog doesn’t allow for more of the image to be shown as there’s some really nice cascades in the bottom half. This was a two second exposure at F11 / ISO 100 using the Canon 28-105L.

One more to come and that’s it. Promise.